Ramp Up your sales and marketing today so you can forever stop losing customers and sales.

The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel is over a decade old. How we shop and what we do online today compared to ten years ago has completely changed.

Yet, the marketing strategy being used by nearly every business, including yours, still relies on the outdated funnel.

Humans don’t behave in a linear fashion. Yet, the funnel assumes you will follow a linear path. That’s one of the biggest reasons why your marketing is failing and, why the funnel is dead.

You need something dynamic. A marketing strategy designed to behave like humans. A strategy that changes as your customers’ behaviors and priorities change.

The Marketing RAMP® is your modern solution to today’s marketing problem.

The Sales Funnel Is Dead
The Sales Funnel Is Dead
The Sales Funnel Is Dead
Do These Marketing Tragedies Seem All Too Familiar?
Do These Marketing Tragedies Seem All Too Familiar?

Do These Marketing Tragedies Seem All Too Familiar?

Every marketing executive has a marketing horror story or two to share – and the thing is, they all sound eerily similar.

Tinkering with your strategy without fully knowing where the real problems are.

Wasting time and money trying new strategies and getting the same lackluster results.

Marketing that doesn’t interact with customers the way humans actually interact and losing customers.

Making “educated” guesses in your marketing strategy instead of data driven decisions.

The Marketing RAMP® solves all these problems so your horror stories can end in triumph.

The Marketing RAMP® is not a marketing

campaign.  CROWN

It is a master plan for business success.

The Marketing RAMP® aligns all departments of your company to work as one. From sales, to marketing, to operations. Everyone plays a part in turning prospects into customers and customers into raving fans.

The Marketing RAMP® lays out this plan in detail for you.

Why Does Big Brand Marketing Flourish While Small Business Marketing Fails?

Get A Marketing Plan Only Reserved For Big Business.
Start Your Marketing RAMP® To Level The Playing Field! STAR

You no longer have to settle for short-term strategies only reserved for small business. It’s time you had a proven, scientific framework for success.

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FAQs About The Marketing RAMP®

Q. How much does the Marketing RAMP® cost?

A: It’s free to register for the software. We also have paid versions and you can hire us to build it for you.

Q. What if I want to hire someone to build it for me?

A: We’ve got you! You can hire the Built By Love® team to build out your entire Marketing RAMP®.

Q. What are the benefits of 7 Pillars of the Marketing RAMP® ?

A: The pillars all work together to identify your customer’s pain points and desires, your competitive advantages (secret sauce), and your brand voice and messaging. This allows you to know exactly what you need to say to your ideal customers so they’ll want to do business with you.

Q. How long does the Marketing RAMP® take to build?

A: It’s entirely up to you. You can work on it at your own pace. If you hire us to help you, we can get yours built in 5-6 one to one and a half hour sessions.

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